Humble the Drum

by gonstermachers

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who knows


released May 24, 2013

made loud to be played loud by your beloved gonstermachers



all rights reserved


leo crandall Syracuse, New York

I am a singer/songwriter/composer. I play the requinto, cello and guitar. I have toured Africa sponsored by the State Dept., nominated for Australia’s Bluestar Award, charted #14 nationally in Roots and Blues, received a Meet the Composer Grant. I have composed film scores, dance scores, theater music and ambient sound for installations. My music has been heard all over the world. ... more

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Track Name: lightning bugs of august
Lightning Bugs of August

On the median we walked all night
The moon was our drum
Lightning bugs of August rose
We found them in our hands
We crushed them with our thumbs

You came to me a foolish fire,
Sweet and so insane.
We tore the bark right off of the pine
Nothing in this world
Will ever be the same

All the dark in Joan of Arc
Fell down from above
All the dark in Joan of Arc
Sang out like a dove
But could not retrieve our love

Last night I dreamed of a happy shore
But today is today.
Last night I dreamed that you still lived
Nothing in this world
Will ever be the same
Track Name: veins in the back of my hand
The Veins in the Back of My Hand

One thing I think I know
If I know anything at all
One thing I know
One thing I understand
All I see
All I’ll be
All I need
Are the veins in the back of my hand
In the back of my hand

One drop of ink that flows
If it flows anywhere at all
One drop that flows
One drop I understand
Gaze in the ink
Gaze in the oil
Gaze in the mirror
With the eye at the end of my hand
At the end of my hand
Track Name: gretchen watch it burn
Gretchen Watch it Burn

She told me when I got to town
Don’t put your suitcase on the ground
Her voice was so low
It never let go
When I got to town

Murdering our albatrosses
We broke our oaths and cut our losses
Though we stammered around
The path remained sound

Gretchen watch it burn all night
Stand outside the firelight
We loiter undone by the night’s iron tongue
Gretchen watch it burn

Watermarked we sat beside
A road up north under the sky
Your head in my chest
Oh my palimpsest
Watermarked we sat

Long ago out on my porch
You welded us, beloved torch
It’s been the longest goodbye
I believe we started to die- that night
Long ago
Track Name: humble the drum
Humble the Drum

Bad luck is following all of us, each and every one.
The wretched and the woebegone it’s chasing harder.
Lift that stick in your hand
And humble the drum, humble the drum, humble the drum.

Everyone tosses and ransacks what was and what will be
She danced until the sun went down, then she danced harder
A slender, rolling brink
Humble the drum, humble the drum, humble the drum.

Let us go down to the campground, you and I
And walk away from the sorrowful trouble behind us
I know what we’ll do to set ourselves free
We’ll humble the drum, humble the drum, humble the drum.